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三代目 J Soul Brothers
♥  Kitayama Hiromitsu (北山宏光)
Fujigaya Taisuke (藤ヶ谷太輔)
FujiKita/HiroSuke (藤北)
Imaichi Ryuji (今市隆二)
OmiRyu (臣隆)

I don't follow everyone back, and am a desperate shipper. But feel free to talk to me (♡˙︶˙♡) ♥.

OomiUji’s letters for each others [TRANSLATION]


To download the audio: here.

From 2012.11.24 KOD (100 episode).


Dear* Omi

Thanks to you, Keep on Dreaming can be broadcast every week and live vocal performances are the best.

The other day it was two years since debut; but considering audition, we met almost three years ago, so we are together since a very long time, aren’t we?

It’s a long time (lol)

Well, because such Oomi is also here to sing together, from now on let’s send to every listeners and every fan the power of us together in best songs.

One last point, these are the words I send to you:
Imaichi Ryuji loves Tosaka Hiroomi!


Dear Ima-ani**.

Since Sandaime were born, it’s been three years.
It’s my first time on a radio.
Thank you for always following me even if there were a lot of things that I didn’t know.

It’s almost three years already, almost two for this program too (since) somehow you said to me in the taxi “Let’s create the personality of this radio!” eh.

From now on, two hundred times, three hundred times, if the program continue, I think we’ll have to walk together since the beginning.

From now on, please take care of me. Ima-ani.

One last thing, these are the words I send to you:
I, Tosaka Hiroomi, love Imaichi Ryuji!

* = He said dear in English XD
** = (He also said dear in English); ani means “big brother”.

UnknownA Thousand Miles by UnknownONE OK ROCK
( Unknown )
24,512 plays



2014.09.14 ♪ A Thousand Miles (Cover) ♪

pardon my friend singing along

omg thanks been waiting for this, ONE OK ROCK gave justice this is my favorite song, it makes me remember my childhood. lol 

Happy 29th birthday, Kitayama Hiromitsu ⊂*`∀´⊃!

Although you seem to stop aging a long time ago, I’m happy that you still grow (mentally) into a finer and finer man. Please keep on being awesome, passionate, caring, funny, dorky, and inspiring next year and next year and next n years too. Your forever supporter ( ˘ ³˘)♥.

Happy 4th Anniversary OmiRyu (  ◕ฺ 3◕)❤(◕灬◕  )~

2010.09.15 - 2014.09.15

Thank you for always trying so hard and never giving up since VBA2. I’m so glad you were the winner. You two deserved it. Please be together forever ne!